Parent Testimonials



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  We have been using the Fall River Daycare for over 3 years and have enjoyed watching our children being taken care of so well. They are constantly learning and their skills are always growing due to their teachers. Our children also love their teachers very much!! Every time we drop them off in the morning they get a huge smile on their face when they see their teacher.

 Jenny, mother of 2


   CCDC has ALWAYS been supportive of our crazy family, our crazy jobs with crazy hours, unexpected job losses and the many changes we have gone through the past 6 years.

 Tim and I are Columbia County Foster Parents and I have always been able to count on CCDC to be a supportive part of our mission to support kids that need it. There are many times I have called on short notice and said - I work tomorrow - we took in a foster child today - and somehow - in a short time - we are able to figure out a schedule, work out all the paperwork, the payments and anything else under the sun. I appreciate all the care providers that have helped us care for these kids that have come and gone, and the ones that have stayed :) I also appreciate all the education and support that the staff has given me as well.

 I appreciate Jo and ALL her staff for working with us and these kids. Thank you for being a company that looks for solutions to my problems, not one that "can't" accommodate my needs. Most recently we have not been able to use the daycare as frequently as we had before, but CCDC always has help me figure out solutions to things.

 Thank you Darlene for taking such good care of all our children at the BABY stage. Thanks to ALL the other teachers for helping my oldest son learn some much needed social skills and proper behavior with other kids. My daughter LOVED her friends and Miss Toni @ Fall River Day Care Preschool. She learned so much! We are excited to have her start in Columbus 4K with Miss Dawn. She was so excited to meet her the other day AT OUR HOUSE.

 I know I did not mention everyone that has helped have a positive impact on these kids. Thank you all, I am looking forward to preschool for our youngest and you never know when another foster child or new job may come up and then I will be calling Jo to you have openings .......

Kassia, mother of 3+


  Cardinal Country Day Care provides the quality of care I expect my children to be offered.  The staff use their first rate knowledge and skills to help my children learn to the best of their abilities while providing a fun, imaginative, and safe environment.  I feel at ease during my work day while my kids are in the nurturing and caring hands of Cardinal Country Daycare staff. 

Angela, mother of 2
  I guess my experience with Cardinal County Daycare is a little unique in the fact that when Isabelle was an infant she refused to take a bottle.  I would come in once a day on my lunch break, sit in the Sprout room and nurse her.  It was during that time that I really got to know the teachers and staff well.  I was able to see them interact with the children and care for them as if they were their own.  Their extra patience with Isabelle and her "bottle issue" was very much appreciated.  When I drop Isabelle off at the center I know she is well taken care of and loved, just like at home.
Megan, mother of 2
I just wanted to say that I am so grateful for the wonderful staff you have there. Yesterday Ethan had another swelling with his eyes- possibly from peanut interaction… and Toni was right on it… She called me earlier in the day to see if he could have these cupcakes that were brought- and I said yes- and then when his eye started to itch and swell she called right away- and monitored the situation. It is so calming to know that the staff there are looking out for my son and his allergy and I don’t have to ‘worry” about it when he is there… I appreciate that more than anything…. So thank you very much!!!!
Lisa, mother of 2