Give Your Little One a Big Advantage


The first three years of a child’s life are the foundation upon which they build future learning. At CCD Fall River Daycare, we strive to provide a stable environment for children to grow and learn with a solid base of highly educated teachers and a dedication to quality care.
To the best of our abilities, our infant and toddler teachers follow their group of children through the program. This is not easy and most centers don’t even try. We understand that this world is not perfect. When unavoidable circumstances arise that remove a beloved teacher from a primary care group, we are able to provide the children with teachers that easily transition into the classroom and things go smoothly with little to no affect on the child’s daily adventure in learning. How? You may ask. Because of the consistency in our programs, our high expectations of teacher education and our dedication to quality care.
The Environment
Our physical environment is bright, colorful and inviting. The center is set up like a small school with individual classrooms, a full service kitchen and child-sized bathroom facilities. Our surroundings are child friendly and child-sized furniture helps the kiddos feel ownership of their space. Materials are accessible to the children to choose the options that they are most interested in at the time. The environment is safe and inspected daily in order to remain that way. Our cleaning team helps wipe out the germs left behind each evening in order to provide a healthy, sanitized environment each day as the children happily return to care.
Family Involvement
We have an open door policy and encourage parents, grandparents or any other important people in your child’s life to come and visit any time they wish. (With your permission of course!) We provide monthly newsletters that inform families of all the wonderful things happening throughout the center. Individually, the children ages birth-3 years of age take home daily sheets that tell all about their day, (eating, pottying and sleeping schedules). Teachers are available at any time via the telephone, e-mail, or in person to answer any questions you may have concerning your child’s care. 
The Staff
All of our caregivers have at least the minimum 80 hours of required education to be a teacher. They also maintain 25 hours of continuing education annually. But at CCD Fall River Daycare, we strive for higher learning and encourage it by offering salary increases for further education. We currently have several teachers with Bachelor and/or Associate’s degrees. But even more meaningful in the childcare field are the credentials offered through the Wisconsin Early Childhood Association (WECA) and the Wisconsin Registry Service. These credentials provide specialized education and training in core areas: Infant and Toddler, Preschool, and Administration. The majority of our staff hold at least one credential and most hold two (not to brag, but there are a few with three!). 
The Program
Our program embraces an emergent teaching style, fostering self-esteem as well as intellectual and social development through child initiated areas of interest. Curriculum covers many skills and growth areas utilizing both indoor and outdoor spaces. We offer a balance of quiet and active, large and small motor activities and small and large group experiences. Our goal in child guidance is to help children develop self-discipline, self-direction, self-control and a positive self-image through developmental discipline. We set limits and follow through. Children are given choices that are acceptable to adults, but foster independence in the child. Directions are stated in a positive manner. We prevent children from waiting or standing in line for extended periods of time. Unavoidable waits are made entertaining with games, songs and/or finger plays. Overall, we treat children respectfully by offering responsive, reciprocal care.
The program is play based. A child’s work is play and we want them to be excited to learn and to enjoy school. The environment is set up into learning centers where the children spend their day learning as they play. The learning centers help the children develop their skills in science, math, reading and writing. They encourage the development of both their large and small motor skills. 
The children’s social skills are a very important facet to their Kindergarten readiness. The children will work on these skills in a developmentally appropriate way. Throughout year, our social skills will be emphasized in a respectful way that acknowledges the fact that we are all learning at a different pace.